Bay Model

Bay Model Association, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, creates and supports educational and community programs to encourage the appreciation and stewardship of the San Francisco Bay and Delta ecology.

Our Mission

Bay Model Associations’ mission is to install a passion for life-long learning through examination of our natural world.


At BMA, the natural world is our classroom! Educational programs take students outdoors and around the globe on learning adventures.


BMA’s educational pedagogy is rooted in hands-on, inquiry-driven, project-based learning. Students learn by doing in an interactive environment that stimulates their natural curiosity.


Learners of all ages participate in BMA’s educational programming. Our project-based approach encourages “student” to share newly acquired knowledge with their greater community.

Our Gallery

We are happy to provide the best online platform that helps us reach out to our community members and the world. Explore our portfolio to learn about our plans.

Educational Programs

JASON Project

The JASON Project takes Bay Area students and teachers on virtual scientific expeditions to work with scientists in biomes around the world.


Our Scientist-At-Sea program has just begun. Join us as we chronicle Sue Fox's sail across the Pacific. Equipped with satellite technology.

Visitor Center

The Bay Model Visitor Center conducts a rich blend of public education programs that include interactive workshops, programs and events. 


Help support environmental education with your membership. Right now, you can difference in our local environment become a Bay Model Association Member.

Latest Updates

Dirty Data Scourge Of Business

Having been in sales for many, many years, one of the things I learned at a very early stage in my sales career is that bad data can kill your business. Be that at desk, territory or company level. Dirty data sucks time out of your business and motivation out of your sales team.

How Data Gets Bad

And, do you know what data is BIG these days. I know systems like SalesForce, for example, are cloud hosted but have you seen the size of their server farm in the desert? Out near Vegas all the big data storgae companies house their facilities and they are huge. So, if you think about it, it's not really surprising that data can easily get corrupted, out of control.

You have many different people entering information into your CMS so it's easy to see how corruption, duplication and wrong information can be added. Think about it, a new salesperson joins, he's had ABC as a client for many years in his previous company. He checks the database as he's been given permission to work with ABC as his new company have never done business. But the CMS has ABC Ltd on it, not ABC PLC. Or the parent company name is wrong, or maybe a subsidiary.

So, the new salesperson can't find the list so, he or she does what we'd all do...they set up a new record.

Data Duplication

Hey presto, you have duplicate data in your system. Now that might not seem like an issue whilst your new salesperson is there as they know the client and add all of the relevant contacts on their new page. But picture this.

Your new sales person becomes disillussioned because of the poor data and the constant wasted time. They are treading on the toes of other members of the sales force calling duplicate entries who really belong to other members of the team. That breeds contempt amongst the team and quickly you have a team that is demotivated because of wasted time and in fighting. Even worse, the team you've invested a fortune in hiring and training starts to become disillusioned and start to leave.


Your investment is suddenly looking extremely creaky!

Sales are down, the team is decimated and profitability is suffering.

However, thankfully, there is an answer. There are many companies nowadays that are offering all manner of data cleaning servcies. From CRM transition to data cleaning, de-duplication, augmentation, consolidation, enrichement, washing...whatever is required to get your data fit for purpose. Fit for purpose and achieving the sort of ROI your investment deserves.

One company in Austrailia are providing this using an automated service which is hugely cost effective. A full data clean can cost many thousands of dollars. However, Marketing Data Fitness in Sydney have developed a data cleaning robot called "Dave".

Robotic Cleaning

Dave can do pretty much anything with your data! from a data health check, mapping through to full data wrangling. Imaging just throwing your marketing data and Dave and it coming with data de duplication complete! Just de-duping your data will save you (potentially) millions in lost time and effort.

But! Dave can go much further. He can totally clean your data and deliver it back to you in any format you wish. Any format that can be entered into any CRM known to Man.

Check out Marketing Data Fitness Here and get your marketing data fit for purpose.

Delta Ecosystem Restoration

San Francisco Bay and Delta Ecosystem Restoration

The San Francisco estuary is composed of San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It is the largest estuary on the West Coast. The San Francisco Bay and Delta system support various economic activities, including shipping, sand mining, and recreation. The freshwater that earlier flowed into the delta is used for agriculture and water supplies. This can recently become an issue for the ecosystem due to the alteration in the salinity of the marine water. Other threats to the delta include urbanization and climate change.

Current challenges

The San Francisco Bay and Delta today face many challenges that need to be addressed to restore its ecosystem. Among the biggest challenges that we have are sewage spills and their crumbling infrastructure that is caused unacceptable levels of pollution to the beaches. It has caused destruction to over 90% of shoreline wetlands and also to 40% of the aquatic ecosystem.


It has led to the protection of more than 90 species and animals in this region.
Occasional drought has also caused problems to the agricultural and economic sector of the delta. Other natural disasters, including earthquakes and floods, have also caused problems in the past, affecting the water supplies to San Diego's homes.

Available solutions

The CMHRP is also involved in the San Francisco estuary projects that included habitat conservation, resilience, restoration, and studying the sea levels. The researchers and scientists at CMHRP study sediment transport, natural process, and human intervention in the estuary to come up with better solutions to improve the health of the ecosystem.

Sediment delivery to marshes

Marshes help maintain the elevation with the rising sea levels by accumulating sediment transported from adjacent waters. Several marsh restoration projects have been successful, but even today, marshes dynamics are poorly understood.

CMHRP is studying the sediment flux in the tidal creeks, wave attenuation, sediment trapping, and suspended sediment properties to better understand marshes. It will help the scientists at CMHRP better understand the health of marshes and the threats of rising sea levels.

Drivers of aquatic habitat

Both state and federal agencies manage the water supply from the San Joaquin Delta. The agencies make sure that the water projects under them are safe to provide water to people while also safeguarding the species. The fisheries have declined in the delta, and some of them have become endangered. There are new projects for the major restoration of endangered and threatened species.

Drivers of aquatic habitat

CMHRP and USGS Water Resources Mission Area are working on learning about the species in the water to gain a better knowledge of their protection. The results of these results will help in better management of the ecosystem. It will accelerate habitat restoration of the bay and delta regions while also providing sufficient water to the nearby regions.

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