Bay Model Associations’ mission is to install a passion for life-long learning through examination of our natural world.


At BMA, the natural world is our classroom! Educational programs take students outdoors and around the globe on learning adventures.

Participants collect water samples from the Bay Model Pier, explore Panamanian rainforests via love streaming video and investigate the dorsal fins of flatfish aboard a 133’ research vessel.

Each year, BMA delivers science, math and technology content to 8,000 students and 200 educators


BMA’s educational pedagogy is rooted in hands-on, inquiry-driven, project-based learning. Students learn by doing in an interactive environment that stimulates their natural curiosity.

Programs are aligned with State and Federal academic standards.

Our accredited courses for K-12 educatiors fulfill Highly Qualified Teacher requirements. Fieldtrips and programs for K-12 students directly address mandates set forth in No Child Left Behind.

Community-Wide EDUCATION

Learners of all ages participate in BMA’s educational programming. Our project-based approach encourages “student” to share newly acquired knowledge with their greater community.

Special events, such as lectures and concert series, further support intergenerational bonds and family-initiated learning.

Indeed, dozens of partners and hundreds of volunteers extend our impact well beyond the bay!

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